Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the PURE program. Feel free to contact us at pure-engr-group@office365.illinois.edu if you have any more questions.

Mentee Questions

Can I apply as a mentee if I’m a junior or a senior?
No, we strictly prohibit juniors and seniors from joining the program. At this stage in your degree, you have gained enough skills through advanced classes to make a good contribution to a full university research group working under a PI. PURE is an introductory research program aimed at freshmen and sophomores who have minimal research experience and have not taken advanced classes. We advise all upperclassmen to reach out directly to university research groups.

Can I drop the program after I’m accepted as a mentee?
Barring extreme circumstances, you cannot drop PURE if you have committed to participating. Before submitting an application, carefully consider your other time commitments including, but not limited to classes, jobs, and RSOs. Dropping the program after acceptance may lead to a failing grade in ENG 199 PUR and exclusion from future iterations of PURE.

Are mentee application decisions rolling or do they have a fixed date?
There is a fixed decision date. Mentee applications open and close on the dates marked on our timeline. Once they close, mentors will complete their selections. Mentees will then be informed by the fixed date on our timeline or before, if all mentors complete their selections early. All mentees will be informed of decisions at the same time. Thus, when you submit your application has no bearing on whether you will be selected, as long as it’s submitted before the deadline.

Can I reach out to mentors regarding the status of my application?
Please do not reach out to mentors directly. You will be informed of decisions by the date marked on the timeline. If you have any questions about their projects, please email us directly at pure-engr-group@office365.illinois.edu.

Can I reapply to PURE if I was accepted in a previous semester?
No, we do not allow previous participants to reapply. Participants in PURE are more than welcome to independently pursue future projects with their PURE mentor, or reach out to a different research group.

Mentor Questions

Can I return to PURE if I was already a mentor?
Yes, we welcome mentors to return to our program.

Can PURE provide research funding?
PURE may provide funding for mentee involvement if our budget permits. We cannot fund research projects, as that is the responsibility of the department and outside grants.